Park Hoodie Nocturnal

An updated Classic, many clients have had these in the 20 years we've been making them.

The piece for all seasons. A top layer, a mid-layer for under a coat, and for wearing for indoors. This is a tailored, refined hoodie, in posh cloth. 

These are a new fit that should mean fewer custom fitting requirements and zips have been installed in pockets to make them more reliable for phones etc. 

 There is a price update too - Merino prices have jumped up as have zips etc. As such, we will offer fewer colour options in ready-made this season Navy (soon) and Shiraz (shown) with a brindled Charcoal (see pics) made to order. These are built for the constant wear they get, so you will see a return on investment. 

We are keen to help you get your purchase right first go.  Please send us a note when purchasing online if needing help to confirm the size. 

Designed and made in Wellington, New Zealand.

Size Guide

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Size Guide

The table below sets out garment sizes that correspond to each other and regularly fit together. Eg. A size Medium guy typically fits a 39 or 40 cm neck dress shirt, a 96 or 100 cm chest jkt, an 88cm dress/casual pant, and this will correspond to good brand jeans as 33 inch (there are a few dodgy sized 32” sold elsewhere these days confusing the issue!) 

Medium can be the hardest area to define as guys can be on the smaller or bigger side of this. Buying dress shirts; collars and neck sizes are absolute, but brands can vary in roominess, length etc. Please enquire, we stock a variety of brands and styles to cover shape and taste below the neck!

Our top sizes are considered to be good fair standard sizes and a Medium guy fits our medium casual shirts, tees and jackets generally without issue.

Our trouser sizes are true to measurements. Due to our extensive involvement in tailored wear where centimetres matter, we are not generous with our waists. Ease is added to allow for pants sitting low but neat. The table is a good guide to what is likely to work on a guy whose frame is fairly in proportion.

Massa Shoe sizing: 


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