We produce and assemble outfits to work with your plan as Guests or Hosts for Weddings and Events. We have a great deal of experience working with a range of ages and event
styles and aim to be super helpful and on target. 

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Below are examples of personal consultations that went well.  We hear the ideas, we've got garments and accessories ready-made and on hand to consider and we can head down the custom route as people require very specific fits or fabrics. 


“I just want to say a special thank you to Mandatory for all the work and thought you put into getting my wedding outfit ready for myself and the four groomsmen. I am so glad that we chose to go with Mandatory and would definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking to get clothes for a special event. The quality of everything was exceptional and the fit was fantastic. Working with you was just an absolute joy and all the guys mentioned how great the whole process was”.

Photographer; Billie Brook

- Zak & Aprille Murray

"I absolutely loved working with Mandatory to create my wedding suit. Prior to finding Mandatory, I had a really difficult time finding a suit-maker or designer that catered for lesbian weddings. From the moment I stepped in the store through to picking the fabric, perfecting the fit, and finally walking away with my dream suit, the team at Mandatory were consummate professionals.

My partner and I had lots of mixed experiences dealing with the wedding industry as a same sex couple, my experience at Mandatory could not have been more positive in this regard. The team at Mandatory are experts of their craft so whether you are a man, woman, non-binary, or none of the above! They will work with you to ensure your suit is perfectly tailored for the
occasion and that you are comfortable throughout the process. "

- Eliza Cummings

"I wear a suit to work so felt like I wanted to go one step further. I wanted a tuxedo and Clare and team at Mandatory Menswear were the consummate professionals to make it happen. Clare had some really great style suggestions which really took the suit to the next level and the fit was absolutely perfect" 

- Alex Carr

"So helpful getting my wedding suit sorted. Wouldn’t have gone anywhere else! Love this store."

- Jac Lynch

"My first suit buying experience started poorly after making the mistake of buying online and thinking I could get it tailored to fit me, with my weird shaped body. After that failed spectacularly, Vee and I had a really good idea of what we were looking for. So I did what I should have done at the start and called our old mates down at Mandatory. As soon as I walked in the door I felt welcome and looked after. We looked through material samples and styles and eventually chose the combo for me. Every step of the way was a great time and the end result was amazing. I could not be happier with the fit, comfort and look of the suit. Thank you guys so much for making our day so much easier and more special. I felt so comfortable and happy in my suit. See you again soon!"

- Nick & Vee Hensman

"I've always struggled to find clothing that fits right, cookie cutter, one size fits most just doesn't work for my physique.  I was visiting Mandatory one day when Leah informed me that I would be a perfect candidate for their shorter men's range of clothing, and that they could also offer a bespoke tailor made service.  A few months later when I was starting to think about an outfit for my upcoming wedding I didn't hesitate to get in touch to see if they could help.   It really appealed that Mandatory are a local business and that I could deal directly with the people making the clothing.  From the very first meeting I knew I was in good hands, Clare and her team were all brilliant, professional, and absolute masters of their trade.  The Mandatory crew made the whole process easy and enjoyable, from selecting fabrics, colours, and suit style they made sure I was involved in every step and always kept me up to date. There was no compromise in quality, and Clare ensured everything was absolutely perfect.  She took her time and explained everything ensuring that we all had a good laugh along the way.  I received a tonne of good feedback on on the big day, thanks Mandatory."

Photographer; Caroline Atkinson

- Duncan Wallace
Size Guide

The table below sets out garment sizes that correspond to each other and regularly fit together. Eg. A size Medium guy typically fits a 39 or 40 cm neck dress shirt, a 96 or 100 cm chest jkt, an 88cm dress/casual pant, and this will correspond to good brand jeans as 33 inch (there are a few dodgy sized 32” sold elsewhere these days confusing the issue!) 

Medium can be the hardest area to define as guys can be on the smaller or bigger side of this. Buying dress shirts; collars and neck sizes are absolute, but brands can vary in roominess, length etc. Please enquire, we stock a variety of brands and styles to cover shape and taste below the neck!

Our top sizes are considered to be good fair standard sizes and a Medium guy fits our medium casual shirts, tees and jackets generally without issue.

Our trouser sizes are true to measurements. Due to our extensive involvement in tailored wear where centimetres matter, we are not generous with our waists. Ease is added to allow for pants sitting low but neat. The table is a good guide to what is likely to work on a guy whose frame is fairly in proportion.

Massa Shoe sizing: