Mandatory is pleased to offer a personal wardrobe planning consultation service.

For many of our clients a comprehensive plan where pieces work together to create a functional wardrobe is the most efficient and effective approach to allocating money for clothing over a season of work, functions and fun. Our service identifies existing pieces that work, recognises garments that have potential but may need minor adjustments to the fit and pinpoints key gaps in the wardrobe. We make suggestions that bring pieces together. We also offer advice on accessories, shoes and function wear as well as how to best care for your wardrobe.

Consultations begin in store where there are examples of likely types of garments to identify your taste and wardrobe needs: Style/textures/colours/levels of formality/lifestyle requirements.

We then schedule a time to visit with you at your house. In-home wardrobe consultations are relaxed and efficient and take between 1-2 hours.

The main focus is to put outfits together within your wardrobe for different events and scenarios.  We do this by identifying what’s working well, recognising any ‘gaps’ and by making suggestions for pieces that would bring the wardrobe together. We bring samples, swatches, pictures and record ideas for things you express interest in, which can later be fitted and made for you back at the store. We also organise alterations for existing pieces where needed. 

The cost of this consultation is $200 with no strings attached – you are not obliged to purchase anything after the consultation. If, however you find suggestions useful and it results in us making things for you, the $200 is offset against purchases at a rate of $50 per item.

You will be provided with a ‘Style File’ summarising your consultation, advice and our suggestions on future purchases and things to look for. As the season progresses its not uncommon for us to contact clients with relevant suggestions as they arrive in stock


Clare and Hannah delivered great advice on my wardrobe. I approached Clare with the suggestion that I needed help! I had learnt to trust Clare and Hannah when buying clothes at Mandatory over the last many years. Their advice was clear and tailored (no pun intended) to what I wanted my business wardrobe to do for me. I confessed to making some bad choices in the past. Expensive clothes that I only wore once!  I got it right a few times too, but without thinking about how it would work with the whole wardrobe. I have every faith that with their advice that won't happen again. Also they made it easy to think about how various items go together. With their help I know that I can get more out of the investment I'm making in clothes. Also it wasn't a sales exercise to get me to buy Mandatory. They give great advice on other brands as well. Highly recommended. – Bernie White

Clare and Hannah are quite simply the best thing that will happen to your wardrobe! Although I was reasonably happy with the clothes I had, I wanted fresh ideas on how to smarten up my attire, and suggestions for different combinations and layering that I might not have thought of. Clare and Hannah were thorough and particular, open to my ideas and there was no judgement.  It’s a little intimidating having two fashion gurus going through your wardrobe, but they put me at ease straight away! We quickly identified and discarded the clothes that had “done their time”. They helped me to identify the things that I really loved in my wardrobe and gave me great ideas on how to freshen up the looks that had gotten a bit tired. Overall a hugely valuable experience.  I also didn’t feel like they were there to push their own product-they gave me some awesome ideas across the spectrum. Highly highly recommend. - Chris McIllroy

 To find out more about wardrobe planning and the ways we can help please call us or email

Size Guide

The table below sets out garment sizes that correspond to each other and regularly fit together. Eg. A size Medium guy typically fits a 39 or 40 cm neck dress shirt, a 96 or 100 cm chest jkt, an 88cm dress/casual pant, and this will correspond to good brand jeans as 33 inch (there are a few dodgy sized 32” sold elsewhere these days confusing the issue!) 

Medium can be the hardest area to define as guys can be on the smaller or bigger side of this. Buying dress shirts; collars and neck sizes are absolute, but brands can vary in roominess, length etc. Please enquire, we stock a variety of brands and styles to cover shape and taste below the neck!

Our top sizes are considered to be good fair standard sizes and a Medium guy fits our medium casual shirts, tees and jackets generally without issue.

Our trouser sizes are true to measurements. Due to our extensive involvement in tailored wear where centimetres matter, we are not generous with our waists. Ease is added to allow for pants sitting low but neat. The table is a good guide to what is likely to work on a guy whose frame is fairly in proportion.


Please measure a belt you are currently using, this will give you the best indication of the correct size you require.

Measure from the beginning of the buckle to the strong indentation line between the holes. That is the measurement to ascertain what is the best belt size for you. I.e. this belt measures 77cm, so you would need the 76-83 belt.

Massa Shoe sizing: